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Al and Kim Larson

Missionary, United States

Al and Kim Larson

    Al Larson serves with The Navigators Church Discipleship Ministry. He also leads small groups and men's ministries.


    The Navigators


    Navigators Church Ministries Staff

    Found and Directional Leader - Dangerous Man, A Ministry of The Navigators


    Scott (49) and Diane have four children
    Rachel (48) and Kevin have two children
    Christy (38) and Mark have five children

    Kim has three sons:
    Zach and Jen have three sons – Micah, Caleb, and Jake
    Micah and Annette have three daughters – Elisa, Atlanna, and Ali
    Derald and Penny have two daughters and one son – Kimberly, Kinsie and Ty

    Together, they have 20 grandchildren – a whole lot of birthdays to remember!


    Al Larson enjoys following the Green Bay Packers, biking, hiking the mountains in Colorado, weight training, and going out for donuts with his grandchildren. He has been connecting with men in peer discipling relationships for over forty years while teaching physical education, coaching track, and working for NCR (Navigators Church Ministries) Corporation.

    Since 1994, he has been serving with The Navigators Church Discipleship Ministry and giving leadership to small groups and men’s ministries. In September 2009, Al’s life took an unexpected turn when his wife of 46 years, Shirlee, passed away suddenly. About a year later God in his incredible goodness connected him with a wonderful woman by the name of Kim Gautier. Kim had been a widow for 22 years. They were married March 26, 2011 by Kim’s oldest son and pastor Derald. Al is currently contributing to the development of men dangerous for God by writing and meeting with men and pastors who God is bringing into his life. He is writing “Kick-start: A Life Planning Tool to Navigate What’s Next.”

    What is your favorite thing about Minneapolis?

    Walking around Lake Harriet with family and then going to Great Harvest for coffee and a slice of bread or cookie. Going to a Packers-Vikings game.

    What is your favorite food?

    Donuts - with coffee