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Bob and Mary Gunn

Missionary, Panama

Bob and Mary Gunn

    Bob and Mary work with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Panama City. They have played a large role in translating the Bible, the Jesus film, a hymnbook, etc. for the Buglere people.


    Wycliffe Bible Translators


    Bob - Director of Central america Region
    Mary - Linguist/Translator


    Steve married to Heather
    Dan married to Marvi


    Bob and Mary met at Moody Bible Institute. Following marriage and completion of their degrees they served with Wycliffe in Mexico and Colombia. In 1970 they arrived in Panama to begin work with the Buglere people, a previously non-evangelized group without written language. The first edition of the Buglere New Testament was published in 1988 and a reprint in 2008. Subsequently many additional biblical materials have been published, including the JESUS film, an audio recording of the Buglere New Testament, a hymnbook, and literacy materials. Preparation of additional materials is ongoing as well as encouragement of the leadership who serve in the scattered Buglere churches.

    Additionally, the Gunns are involved in a local bilingual church in Panama City where their son, Steve, is the pastor, and in outreach to a marginal community within Panama City.

    What is your favorite thing about Minneapolis?

    First Baptist Church

    What is your favorite food?

    Bob has a variety of favorites while Mary like pepperoni pizza.