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Curt and Lalia Kregness

Missionary, Brazil

Curt and Lalia Kregness

    Curt and Lalia serve as missionaries in Sao Paulo, Brazil and are engaged in translating quality literature for evangelical leaders in the Portuguese speaking world.




    Curt is an Editor and Lalia is a Translator 


    Alan (28)


    Curt was born and raised in the Twin Cities, and met Lalia in language school. She was one of his teachers. God has uniquely gifted them to assist the Vida Nova publishing house in Sao Paulo, Brazil to provide quality literature for evangelical leaders in the Portuguese-speaking world. They collaborate on many editorial projects, including recently a number of books by best-selling author Timothy Keller. In Sao Paulo, the largest city in South America, they are active members of the Igreja Batista Nações Unidas (United Nations Baptist Church), where they teach and disciple in small groups. 

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