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Dan and Margaret Kuehl

Missionary, France

Dan and Margaret Kuehl

    Dan and Margaret work with The Evangelical Alliance Mission as church planters in France. They feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of four new churches established throughout the 33 years they have been in France.


    Team (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)


    Evangelism and church planting


    Andrew (36) married, father of 3 girls
    Ben (34) married, father of 1 girl
    David (32) married, father of 3 boys 
    Peter (29) 
    Paul (26) married


    Dan was born in Japan early in the first of two terms that his parents spent there as missionaries. They then moved to Chicago so Dan's father could work in the TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) home office. The missionary influence on his childhood led Dan to dedicate his life to full time service at 11 years old. 

    After 3 years at Moody, Dan had the opportunity to work on a summer team in the French Alps. During that summer God laid on his heart the need for church planters in France. That same year Dan met Margaret who shared the same burden for french-speaking people.  

    Margaret grew up in a home missions context as her father planted churches in New England and was instrumental in starting five new churches. Margaret had an Aunt who served the Lord as a missionary in Africa who was forced to return home due to cancer. Early on Margaret felt God was calling her to replace her aunt on the mission field. She too went to Moody and after meeting Dan, clearly felt God was leading them both into full-time missions in France. The Kuehl's praise the Lord that He has allowed them to be a part of seeing 4 churches established in the 33 years they have been there.

    What is your favorite thing about Minneapolis?

    Dan's parents were called elsewhere, but Minneapolis was where all of Dan's grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins lived. They would visit every summer and at Christmas time leaving him with lots of very special memories of Minneapolis.

    What is your favorite food?

    Chicago deep-dish pizza