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Jonathan and Chieko Reasoner

Missionary, Japan

Jonathan and Chieko Reasoner

    Jonathan and Chieko work with SEND International with a church plant while also preaching at other churches throughout Japan.


    SEND International


    Church-planting missionaries.

    Family (children):

    Daniel (age 32), married to Kelli, with daughter Nadiya.
    Nathaniel (29), married to Damaris.
    Elias (28).
    Eliot (20).
    Elisabeth (18).


    Jonathan and Chieko were both born and raised in Japan: Chieko in a Japanese family, and Jonathan in a Christian missionary family. Chieko was led to Christ by SEND missionaries. She was working in Jonathan's father’s Japanese church plant when they first met many years ago.

    The Reasoners joined SEND International in 1985. In the early years, they worked in Okinawa, Japan as cooperating missionaries with small Okinawan churches. Since 2002, they have been in the Tokyo area, where for 12 years they have been leading a church plant, Tokorozawa Grace Church.

    Cheek also uses reflexology as a way to reach out to people and give palliative care. In September 2015 Jonathan turned over pastoral leadership of the current church plant to a fellow missionary, and take on new ministry in two areas: mission administrative/personnel work, and itinerant preaching at Japanese churches.

    What is your favorite thing about Minneapolis?

    Beautiful parks, and many good friends. 

    What is your favorite food?

    Sushi, and waffles/pancakes.