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Marvin and Viélka Cabrera

Missionary, Costa Rica

Marvin and Viélka Cabrera

    Marvin and Viélka pastor a church in Paso Canoas, Costa Rica while working in surrounding villages with indigenous people groups.


    Missions Door


    Church Planting and Leadership Development


    Geral (17), Kristhal (12)


    Marvin accepted Christ as his Savior at the age of 16 and immediately began serving in his church. After a year of discipleship he underwent training in evangelism in David, Panama, where he met Viélka. Viélka accepted the Lord at age 20. She was baptized in David, Panama and committed her life to full-time service. 

    After Marvin and Viélka were married they spent eight years in San Jose, Costa Rica, where they served in evangelism with their church before moving to Paso Canoas. Marvin and Viélka met Luis and Azucena Matute, Missions Door missionaries to Panama, while planting churches on their own at the border of Costa Rica and Panama. The two couples now work together.

    Marvin, who is trained in church planting and leadership development, pastors the Paso Canoas church and is also working in several locations among indigenous people groups in the mountains further north along the border.