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Steve and Linda Sheldon

Missionary, United States

Steve and Linda Sheldon

    The Sheldons work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Wycliffe's goal is to translate the Bible in to every language still without a Bible. There are over 1,900 languages that still do not have a Bible that is easy to read and understand.


    Wycliffe Bible Translators


    ​​Steve: Partner relations advisor, and Language Program Advisor.
    Linda: Intercessor for Wycliffe Leadership 


    Nathan (48), Carma (46), Scott (46) 
    all married with Children


    Linda and Steve met at Northwestern and married in 1963. They planned to work with the U.S. Foreign Service, but on learning of Bible Translation, they changed direction. Linda and Steve have served Wycliffe in various roles. They served on a translation project with the Piraha of Brazil and later as Field Director of translation work in Brazil. They served as Associate Executive Director of Wycliffe and SIL International and subsequently as the Executive Director/CEO of Wycliffe and SIL International. In early 2000, Steve and Linda returned to Brazil to assist with Wycliffe's fieldwork, as well as assist two partner organizations. Since 2009 they have served at the Wycliffe USA Headquarters in Orlando, Linda as Intercessor for Wycliffe Leadership, and Steve as Partner Relations Advisor and Language Program Advisor.

    What is your favorite thing about Minneapolis?

    Lake trails and people!

    What is your favorite food?

    Brazilian Beans and Rice