Vision Team

Vision Team Informational and Prayer Meeting
August 30 | 9:15am | Fellowship Hall
We Will have a time of information, sharing and prayer led by the Vision Team. Child-care will not be available during this meeting.

September 6 – No Programming
There will be no programming for the Labor Day weekend except the Worship Service at 11:00am.

September 13 – Fall Kick-Off



State Fair Ticket Sales
August 27-September 7
You can raise money for your own mission trip or to help someone else from our congregation go on a mission trip.
Sign up here!


Leadership Development Group
$40 | September – May | First Monday of the month

We are excited to share with you this new opportunity for growth and development that we will be offering this upcoming school year. Pastor Matt will be leading a Leadership Development Group from September to May. It will be more fun than it sounds! :) The group will focus on helping you grow as a leader in head, heart and hands. You will study material about how to meet with God; how to use your gifts and talents; how to understand what the Bible teaches; how to share Jesus with others and how you can best lead and serve at FBC.

The material that you will be studying is terrific but perhaps more important will be the discussions and mentoring situations that are built into the time together. This isn’t just a class, but a group that will be dedicated to growing in servant leadership together.

We would encourage you to prayerfully consider being a part of this group. It will be a lot of fun and help you grow as a servant and a leader. If you would like to be a part of the Leadership Development Group, you can sign up here.