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Interns at First

About our Intern Cohort

Growing leaders. Together. In the heart of the city.

We want to grow and develop Christ-centered leaders for God's kingdom. That is the driving purpose for our internship program. 

Interns at First have the opportunity to grow as they work alongside one another, the ministry staff, lay leaders, and members of the church community. Operating as a cohort, interns gather together weekly for prayer, training and development in meetings led by our Senior Pastor. Additional direction is provided for each intern by their specific ministry's pastors and directors.

Ministry-Specific Experience

While First interns are hired and learn as a cohort, each intern focuses on a specific ministry. Our current internships are in:

  • Kids Ministry - The Kids Ministry intern works with the Director of Kids and Families to help with volunteer training, ministry planning, and program implementation on Sunday mornings in the Family Ministry area.
  • Missions - The Missions intern works with the Director of Outreach and helps the church's Missions Team in its goals to educate our congregation about missions, and communicate with and care for the missionaries we support.
  • Serve Local - The Serve Local intern works with our Director of Outreach and helps First run its mercy-oriented ministries to the downtown community, primarily in support of events held at the church one weekend each month.The Serve Local intern also serves on Sunday mornings in the Connections Ministry area by helping the Connections Team create a hospitable environment for anyone who enters the church building.
  • Worship Ministry - The Worship Ministry intern works with the Pastor for Worship and Community to help in worship service planning, volunteer training, leading music on Sunday mornings, and being attentive to the behind-the-scenes requirements for Sunday worship.
  • Youth Ministry - The Youth Ministry intern works with the Director of Youth to help with volunteer training, ministry planning, and program implementation on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights in the Youth Ministry area.
Developing as Leaders

We want to raise and release leaders for the advancement of the gospel in the Twin Cities and beyond. Throughout the year, each intern will be developed as a leader and invested in personally. As a cohort, each intern will develop a comprehensive personality profile, complete a robust disciple-making curriculum and grow in their understanding of how to do gospel-centered ministry in the heart of the city.

We do not hire an intern cohort to simply complete the work we don't want to do. Our interns do important work in our ministry areas and we strive to lead our interns to do it with excellence. We have seen incredible development in our interns each year, and several former interns are currently working in a variety of ministry positions. This cohort is not just a resume builder, but intentionally prepares interns for a life of fruitful ministry.

Internship Administrative Details

Intern cohorts begin each August and run through May of the following year. In addition to ministry service hours, the cohort meets together weekly for time that includes prayer, training and development. 

The cohort is directed by our Senior Pastor, who works with each intern to develop an education plan to complement the ministry experience. Weekly ministry supervision is provided by associate pastors and ministry directors.

Interns at First work an average of 10 hours a week for 10 months, and are paid throughout their internship. Financial reimbursement is provided for materials needed to complete the established education plan.


We have filled the positions available in the August 2020-May 2021 cohort, but it's not too early to apply for next year! To apply for the next cohort, please send your resume and a cover letter to .

If you have general questions about the internship program and want to receive regular updates about internships at First, please contact us at