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Serve Local

Serve locally with First Baptist

As members of the downtown community, we have worked to create intentional partnerships in order to best serve our downtown neighbors.

We want to be good neighbors to our downtown community. We want everyone in our church to be thoughtful participants in their own respective neighborhoods as well. In order to best serve the downtown area as a church body, we work to create intentional partnerships that meet real and practical needs for our neighbors.

In Love, Word & Deed (ILWD)

In Love, Word and Deed is a street ministry to the homeless. We regularly partner with them to serve the homeless and poor in our local community. You can participate through donating needed items (ie. clothes, coats, etc.), sorting clothes, distributing items on Saturdays and many other ways. Join us for one of our upcoming events.

Friday Night Serve

Every few weeks, we come together for Friday Night Serve. On these nights, people of all ages engage in service by sorting clothes, preparing bagged and hot meals, and participating in a variety of other activities that serve our local community. Come by yourself, or grab your family and friends for a fun night of service.

ILWD Saturday Outreach

We regularly host an outreach on Saturdays to provide food, clothing and prayer for anyone who joins us. This is a great opportunity to serve and love the homeless men and women of downtown Minneapolis. Please prayerfully consider joining us.

Additional Opportunities

We are always praying about additional opportunities to serve our local community. This may include food drives, community engagement activities or through various other ways. Watch for additional opportunities and future partnerships.

Local Events

We host events throughout the year to engage with our community. Whether it be an event in our parking lot before a parade, a Christmas Tea in our fellowship hall or other events designed to serve others and shine the light of Jesus. If you enjoy helping with these sort of events, please let us know!

Volunteer with Serve Local