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Become a member here at First

Do you have questions about becoming a member?


Have you ever been a member of a gym?

You can be a member of a gym even if you never attend, as long as you keep paying your monthly dues. Unfortunately, it is an all too common experience. You don’t need to know anyone at the gym or ever participate in a fitness class, just pay your money and you are member.

Membership at a church is totally different than that.

When someone becomes a member at our church, they become a part of our family. They are committing themselves to become more like Jesus in love and service as a part of this community. At the same time the church community is committing to care for them and help them grow in relationship with God.

When you become a member of our church, you become a part of a community that is more effective together than individual followers of Jesus can be on their own. We accept our God given responsibility to be a servant, a steward and a light for Jesus with our lives.

Becoming a member here at First

If you are interested in membership at First Baptist there is a simple process. First, you need to fill out a membership application and then a Pastor will meet with you. If you are interested in membership you can download the application and drop it off at the church office. Or if you need more information before filling out the application, contact us at

Come and join us in what God is doing in this amazing church family.

Membership Application