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Matt and Karissa Long

Missionary, Papua New Guinea

Matt and Karissa Long

    Matt and Karissa Long are currently in the support raising process. Their goal is to move to Papua New Guinea to reach a people group who has never heard about Jesus.


    New Tribes Mission


    Tribal Church Planters


    Ty (2), Wyck (3 months)


    Matt and Karissa both received Christ at a young age, and are thankful for His forgiveness, freedom, joy, purpose, and assurance of salvation. They believe that God’s heart is for everyone to come to know Him, and the reality is that there are still people in the world who have never heard about Christ’s sacrifice for them and have no idea how they can know Him. Their desire is to go to an unreached people group where there are no Christians, no Bibles, no believers who know their language, and no way that they can hear the gospel unless someone goes there.

    Matt and Karissa have completed a year and a half of training with New Tribes Mission, and are currently support raising full time. Their hope is to be church planters among an unreached tribe in Papua New Guinea. This will entail learning their language, teaching literacy, translating the Bible, teaching God’s Word to people, and helping new believers form a mature, self-functioning church. This is a 20-30 year process, and is what they hope to spend their lives working towards.

    What is your favorite thing about Minneapolis?

    All the fun places to eat, especially Sebastian Joe's

    What is your favorite food?

    Matt's is ice cream, Karissa's is chocolate covered strawberries and Ty's is chocolate milk shakes.