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500x5000 Vision

By June 1, 2022, River City Church will have grown in our personal evangelism by praying for 5,000 households and having 500 gospel conversations with unbelievers.

What do we mean?

Personal evangelism (n.)

Intentionally sharing the gospel message with unbelievers as a witness for Christ.

Praying for 5,000 households (v.)

We will, as a church body, be collectively praying for 5,000 homes through this next year. Given our current number of active members, this would mean that each of our active members would be praying for 4 households each month over the next year. This number will be even more achievable when considering the involvement of active attendees, ministry partners, and guests. 

Gospel conversations (n.)

For the purposes of this vision horizon, a gospel conversation has occurred when enough of the gospel has been presented that someone could respond in repentance and faith. 

Unbeliever (n.)

Someone who is not living under the lordship of Christ and has therefore not trusted in him through repentance and faith.

How can you get involved this summer?

In order to accomplish the larger goal, we are going to work towards smaller goals each quarter. This summer, our goal is to pray for 2500 homes. This may seem like a lofty goal, but if 120 individuals from our church pray for 2 homes each week, we will far surpass 2500 homes. Join us - we need your help!

Below, you will find resources and upcoming events that you can participate in to make this vision a reality.

Bless Every Home App & Website

Bless Every Home is a wonderful and necessary resource for our church in tracking our progress towards our one year vision. First you must create an account (on your mobile device or computer), so that you can track which homes you have prayed for. This will allow us to track the totals for our church, and allow everyone to participate. Follow the steps below to get involved with Bless Every Home. 

Becoming a Light on Bless Every Home is free and confidential. You'll receive a map and list of your closest neighbors, along with emails at the frequency of your choice to pray for your next five neighbors that day. When you get a chance, walk or drive by those homes as you pray for them. You can also pick up door hangers at the church to put on the doors of homes you have prayed for. You can pick these up at the welcome desk, or contact Maggie Niemeyer at

To learn more about this opportunity visit the following link and watch the 2 minute video.. When you are ready to get started, walk through the steps below:

  1. Become a Light (create an account)
  2. Connect to our church through the settings tab on your account (search River City Church).
  3. Watch these tutorials for explanation of your account/how to use the app/website.
  4. Begin praying!

You will also be able to enter this data at our Bless Every Home/Pray & Go Kiosk near the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings. 

Pray & Go

While Bless Every Home is the tool we are using to track our progress, Pray & Go is the method we are using to help us accomplish our goal of actually praying for 5,000 homes. You can use this prayer guide as a template for your personal prayer walks. We will also do some training this coming year on Pray & Go, and how to utilize this resource well. For questions, please contact Michael Jolivette ( ).

Church Walk Calendar

These prayer walks will be on the last Sunday of June, July & August. This will be an opportunity for our church to commit focused time together to pray for homes in our neighborhoods and the downtown Minneapolis area. The dates are: June 27, July 25 and August 29. More details to come soon about these events.

Evangelism Seminar

Tom Ward will be leading an evangelism seminar on July 11. If you are new to sharing the gospel, or feel intimidated by the process, this is a perfect opportunity for you to be encouraged and equipped. Join us after the service at 12:30 in the fellowship hall to hear from Tom and grow in your understanding of personal evangelism.